Just Call Me EJ: Street Artist EanJae Debuts His Collection

 ejpicStreet Artist EJ, known better as EanJae, debuted his collection of colorful Street Art this past Friday at A Jazz Affair. Each piece he displayed was of equal eclecticism and boldness that captivated you with it’s ubiquity. EJ is a self-taught visual artist who consequently has mastered his craft by experimenting with different mediums like fabric, flesh, digital, decor, canvas, brick, wood, and poster to breathe life into that which inspires him. EJ is from Richmond City, born and raised, focused on his future as a global artist that hopes to  inspire others, like himself, to live a N.O.R.U.L.E.Z.  lifestyle.

Instagram EanJae::: @EanJaeXO




Featured Artist: David Marion

Colorful, thematic, and full of passion are just a few words to describe the work of David Marion Green.  Born in South Carolina in 1982, David Marion found his artistic gift at a very young age.  Never being formally trained, he looked for new ways to expand on these talents, but it was not until high school that he learned the technical skills he needed to enhance his artistic abilities.  From there, a whole new world was unleashed.

David Marion went on to pursue a degree of Architecture at Hampton University in 2000.  Still very passionate about art, he continued to grow and experiment with different mediums.  After graduating in 2005, he began working in the field of architecture while still painting in his spare time trying to perfect his craft.  By 2007, David Marion finally created a signature style which he describes as “realism with a touch of the surreal”.

As an artist, David Marion draws inspiration from his own life experiences and tries to make a statement with every piece that he creates.  Art has become a platform to voice his views of the world and also tell his story.  “Art is such a powerful tool of communication and my overall goal is to give my testimony through art; in hopes that it can further inspire someone else or help them to realize the true gifts that are within them”.David Green

Featured Artist: Hamilton Glass

hamilton glass Hamilton hampicHam? is an artist native to Philadelphia, PA and currently based out of Richmond, Virginia. Growing up in Philadelphia allowed Hamilton to experience different cultures and art. As a young child his mother constantly enrolled him in art classes at the Philadelphia Institute of Art. Here he gained a strong foundation that allowed him to tap into his creative side and begin his journey as an artist. After graduating from Arch Bishop Carroll high school, Hamilton started his college career at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA. After a semester in Atlanta Hamilton realized that it was not for him and chose to move back north to Hampton, VA. At Hampton University he obtained his Bachelors of Architecture and went on to work within numerous architecture firms in Virginia and New Jersey.

 It’s been his journey in Richmond that has allowed Hamilton to introduce his design ideas to the city and the art community. His work serves to create dialog between mainstream and underground art enthusiast. He is one of many street artists who have taken part in the on going debate as to whether graffiti belongs on a gallery wall. In Hamilton’s mind it should be able to belong in both j spaces, which allows two different environments in which to view and experience the art.

You can expect Hamilton’s work in constant rotation at “A Jazz Affair” where he’s volunteered his time to paint live during past events, a piece on display of John Coltrane with a Ham flair added in, and in support of the project he’s agreed to donate 30% of his proceeds, we say thank-you Ham.

Connect with Ham at: http://www.whosham.com

Announcement:New Partner & Sponsor: Building Economic Stability Together

untitled-10PlanetZero_zps95678bafIndia N. Parson, 27, President and Founder of Building | Economic | Stability | Together (BEST) signed on as proud sponsor and partner of “A Jazz Affair” back in June 2013. Admitedly she confesses, “I had some initial apprehensions about having the time to committ to such a large project but it felt right and Im glad to be working with such a great team of people who all want to see this vision come to light.” Since June, through trial and errors of effectively utilizing the space, addressing in the needs of the community and remaining budget friendly Parson’s determination and perserverance is unwavering. She has put members and affiliates of her organization to work and behind the scenes she’s donated her own dollars to generate the support and bring about this much needed developmental project to the Manchester community. What you should know about her organization is, BEST is RVA’s newest membership based organization that exists to educate, empower and employ young adults. Parson founded BEST in 2012 to incorporate young professionals in projects like “A Jazz Affair” that in turn offer viable resources, exposure, work experience and the opportunity for young people to make a big impact. BEST has been implemental in helping entrepreneurial minded career seekers access opportunities to showcase their best and actualize their potential despite today’s economy. Expect to meet Parson in person every 4th Friday as the host and self-appointed mouth piece for “A Jazz Affair”.

Learn more by visiting www.best10k.org 


A Jazz Affair

A monthly Standard and improv Jazz series Starting January 25th 2013

4th Fridays in Manchester District RVA

Zero East 4th St RVA 23224

Play, sing Come Jam , want a few friends and a chill spot we’ve got a place for you .

Aired on Madmonkie.tv

doors at 6pm starts at 7pm

This Fridays Feature Them Red Velvet Joints